Canoes And Other Stuff

The dog saga continues, nearing conclusion, will provide update when all is said & done.

On a happier note, I have taken important steps towards a summer of fun on lakes & rivers. Through the magic of Craigslist, I have purchased a kayak trailer and kayak for about 50% retail (which my wife would point out is still too much!).  My Jeep did not have a trailer hitch, so I had to get one installed with the corresponding electrical work. Everything is now installed, I picked up the trailer + kayak from Austintown, Ohio and drove it home through a snow storm. Others driving through the storm must of wondered where I planned to go kayaking in a snow storm.

Now I am in the market for a canoe that can fit 3 people comfortably. I was evaluating models from Field & Stream in their enormous store in Washington, PA when my son notified me of his urgent need to throw up. I scanned the store and saw the restrooms way on the other side of the store, probably a 100 yards from where we stood. I grabbed his arm and we walked briskly in that direction. The situation’s urgency rapidly escalated as I looked down to see Winston place an arm in front of his mouth and his cheeks enlarge. We are still about 50 yards from the restroom and standing now dead center in the middle of the store.

The next thing I know, projectile vomit is shooting from Winston’s mouth onto the laminate tile flooring. A family of four looking at camouflage sweatshirts looked up to see the action. Now we had a predicament, on one hand, I wanted to rush Winston to the restroom so he could continue to throw up in a more secluded area. On the other hand, I wanted to notify someone in the store so no one accidentally stepped in it and slipped into a pile of vomit.

I looked in every direction and saw an employee folding t-shirts about 20 yards away. Winston ejects another couple of liters onto the floor while the shoppers observe with mouths agape. I run to the woman folding t-shirts and apprise her of the situation. She saunters over and stands guard by the pile of regurgitation, while I whisk Win away to the restroom. Poor kid had puke all over his jacket and face, he spent some time hovering over the toilet getting out his sickness and then we had to make the walk back to my family. I considered taking a long way back to the front of the store to circumvent the poor store employee guarding the vomit, but it was important to check in and let her know how sorry we were. As we approached, the employee was on the walkie talkie urgently requesting backup support from maintenance. We apologized and she said with a smile, “Don’t you worry about it, I hope you feel better little guy!” while giving Winston a wave. There are so many good people in this world.

I’m really liking the Mad River Adventure 14 foot canoe.

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