Needle Hopping

It bothers me when I don’t write more frequently, but my end game is 70 years from now, and if I make it that long, if I go without writing for a couple weeks, it will not be too big of a deal. There will be plenty of stuff to sift through.

Winter has begun to release its grasp of Pittsburgh, the past two weeks have broken into the 50’s and snow has turned into a soggy brown landscape. Robins chirp and grocery stores are selling all the Spring flowers that haven’t yet sprouted on their own.

I’m preparing for Spring with my desire to clean (throw stuff away) and buy fishing accessories. Jaclyn plans to dig a pond in our backyard this year, I have total confidence that she will make a good one.

The other night, Dalia and I danced to Paul Simon’s Graceland, we literally danced to the entire album, both sides of the record. We were hopping all around and it caused the needle to bounce and we transitioned into dance moves which caused less disturbance…like the twist.

Work has gone very well, one year down and all the reviews/bonus were good. So good, I purchased a nice gift card to LL Bean for Jaclyn so she could get herself a treat. Unfortunately, I was confused and was informed that she much preferred Lands End. She gave the gift card back to me and I used it for fishing stuff.

Next week I have to make a couple quick trips, heading to NYC and then Nashville. I think that’s the last of my travel for a long time.

Winston & Dalia are excited for fishing too, I plan on teaching them to cast in the back yard on Saturday by hooking up a bobber and seeing who can get it closest to the tree.

I want to extend an invite to all of you to come out and visit us in the Spring/Summer, we will show you lots of fun.

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