Mud, Mower, Dog

The ground is thawing. There was an abundance of yard work from last Fall that I never completed. This weekend’s temperatures made it into the 40’s and that was good enough to make some headway. For those of you who don’t know, I spent a lot of time last year trying to hire a landscaper that could come bi-weekly to mow my lawn, they were all too busy and no one would do it. Finally, some guy would come over and do it as needed for a ridiculous amount of money. It was not a sustainable situation, plus when the leaves started to fall, we raked over fifty huge leaf disposal bags and didn’t finish our entire yard. My neighbor had a fancy lawnmower with a bagger on the back and he would just suck up the leaves and dump them in the back. I resolved to adopt this method. I now have a lawnmower with baggers on the back, it was delivered a couple weeks ago, but I finally put the bagging system together (very easy), had to hook up the battery (which worried me, but I managed to do it without blowing anything up), and fuel up the beast. Once those steps were completed, I fired her up and sucked up a bunch of leaves, two things prevented me from finishing the project:

1. The leaves were wet, which resulted in occasional clogging. This wasn’t a big deal, I had completed more in 30 minutes than two hours of raking would have done.

2. I got my lawnmower stuck in a muddy dry creek bed, the depth of the ravine was misleading since it was filled with leaves. After a bunch of pushing and pulling, I managed to extract the tractor. However, I was covered in mud from head to toe.

This problem created another, I needed to construct a bridge that would allow my lawnmower to cross the dry creek bed. There are bridges on my property already, but too small for my new mower. After a lot of consultation from Jaclyn, I realized that the existing bridge would work just fine if we changes its orientation from “portrait” to “landscape”, instead of a long narrow bridge, we now have a wider shorter bridge. I needed to dig out some earth so it would fit properly, it was so muddy and heavy, totally exhausting, I got halfway through and called it quits. Maybe Jaclyn can finish it.

I made a totally irrational decision and decided to get a new dog. I called a breeder who had some black lab puppies and sent in a deposit. This weekend, we were allowed to pick one out, but we cannot take him home until mid April. We met the mom and Grandfather, very sweet dogs and it was surprising how nice they were to total strangers. We loved all the puppies and we couldn’t have picked out a bad one, but one dog sought out Winston and they bonded quickly. Dalia approved and Jaclyn got it to fall asleep in her arms. I inspected the animal and he had the makings of a good fishing dog, we picked out the dog with the green collar. I am reading a book on puppy training (and a book on guerrilla warfare) and learning a lot of things that make total sense, but I would not have thought about doing. I am optimistic that this will be a wonderful addition to our family.

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