2015 Fishing Plan of Action


During the brutal drudgery of winter, we began preparing for the spring fishing season. I got Winston a rod and Dalia inherited one of my favorite ultra light rods, we purchased a couple supplies, and began having casting practice a couple weeks ago.

This weekend we decided to take our new gear & skills to a trout pond that is packed with trout in the Laurel Highlands. The pond is very small and nearly every inch of it was occupied by rainbow trout. The kids were able to cast all by themselves, they hooked the fish all by themselves, and reeled in the fish they caught. In all, they caught about 6 fish in an hour.

I asked the kids if they would rather catch lots of small fish or spend all day catching just a single big fish. The unanimous answer was that they prefer catching lots of small fish. I plan to take them fishing a lot this summer, we will focus our efforts on learning the basics and catching sunnies & perch.

On the other hand, I am completely interested in catching bigger fish and have begun implementing a plan to catch one.

  1. Researched the nearby lakes and concluded the best places for a trophy fish are at Cross Creek Lake and Lake Author. I’ve been able to track down maps of the lakes to see how deep it is in all locations.
  2. Inherited three heavy rods from my father that can handle fish tens pounds or greater
  3. Purchased a cast net license for Lake Author to catch large bait within the lake

My goal is to catch a bass greater than 5 lbs, a walleye greater than 5 lbs, a catfish greater than 10 lbs, striper greater than 8lbs, and a musky. I plan to outfit my kayak with a depth finder to assist in these efforts.

In other news, I am trying to be a candidate to donate a kidney to my sister. Unfortunately, I had to lose 40lbs to be eligible. The good news is that today, I am halfway to that goal. The second half is always much slower than the first half because the water weight is gone, but still feel confident that I can be at the desired weight by August 22.

I have also become somewhat fond of pushups, I want to look like Dwayne Johnson.

2 thoughts on “2015 Fishing Plan of Action

  1. I’ve always looked up to you as my big brother but your dedication to be my donor is remarkable. Thank you for being ‘all in’, no questions asked & inspiring in the process. If anyone can do this, it’s you. I love you.


  2. Way to go on the weight loss! I noticed when I saw you but forgot to say something. Good luck, next time I see you lets eat salads 😉


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