Pictures and Updates

Benny Paint

Our puppy “Benny” can best be described as lackadaisical. He yawns, wanders, and grazes, tail wagging like a metronome, and then he pulls up to his favorite spot…the water bowl.

Benny can drink 3 times his weight in water, it is like pouring a gallon milk jug into an 8 ounce glass, he slurps up tons of water, walks a couple feet away from the bowl and pees on the floor. At the conclusion of his urination, he returns back to the bowl and consumes more water.

I’ve come home from work on several occasions to find Jaclyn at her wits end, reports of cleaning up to 3 dozen accidents in a single day. We will ask the vet to inspect his constant craving for water. Otherwise, he is a good dog and will make a great addition to the family.

DD Paint

Dalia always wakes up with crazy hair, she is a supernova. Tonight we have a very special dance recital that she has been practicing for months. There will be tap & ballet performances complete with costumes.

WinFish Paint

Per my previous post, we tested out one of our new boats (the canoe) and our depth finder last weekend. The canoe is heavy as hell, but very stable in the water. Winston paddled us around a bit, but was much more engaged with the depth finder. He would study the changing depths and fish that appeared on the screen and report them back to me as I paddled “23 feet deep, fish at 18 feet deep!”. It was a fun exercise, despite leaving our poles at home, I made mental notes of the lake’s depths and made assumptions about the fish at 18 feet deep. Was it a bass or sauger, perhaps I could find a crankbait that dives to 15 feet and troll it around the lake as I paddled, it looked big on the depth finder, but what does that translate to in real life, I need a vinyl waterproof tape measure sticker that I can adhere to my fishing vessels.

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