Hint of Summer

IMG_0360 Molly

Summer is blooming along with everything else, it is a wonderful time of year.

Benny is less like a puppy and more like a good ol’ Lab, we took him to the lake in our neighborhood and he trudges along the trail, tumbles into the water, and stares longingly at ducks who come crashing into the water. He has gotten better with his potty training, but yesterday he went to bed around 9PM and just crashed, didn’t wake up until 3AM when I heard the sound of water pouring down on the floor, it was too late to stop it, so I just decided to remain in my bed for the leakage to complete. I swear this deluge went on for a solid 45 seconds and it took half a roll of Bounty paper towels to absorb it all.

We have a couple fun things planned in the next couple of weeks. Tonight, we have free tix to a Pirates game through work. Tomorrow, I plan on taking Winston and Dalia to the lake for some fishing. My friends are coming out on Memorial Day weekend to visit me & attend a Pirates game. We received free tix to Kennywood (a local amusement park adored by Pittsburghians) on June 6, and then school lets out for the children.

I am down 30lbs today, which feels really good, but it is still alarmingly only 66% to my goal of 45 lbs. Regardless, I remain on track to be at the target weight by August 22, hopefully sooner.

My lawnmower has 4 hours of work against it, they said I need to change the oil at 5 hours. This will be the most ambitious mechanical activity that I have ever undertaken. I have watched multiple YouTube videos to prepare myself for the occasion. Keep your fingers crossed!

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