State of the Union


Benny has been a funny addition to the Deem household. He waddles instead of walking, he is opinionated, and leisurely in all he does. He is obsessed with drinking, he will drink more in one sitting than an adult might drink in a day, he will pee just seconds later, and then drink some more. He has a drinking problem, we have begun to provide him with more conservative quantities of water. We have a water fountain in the backyard, he drinks from it when unsupervised. He has a baby pool to cool down in, you are more apt to see him drinking in it vs. swimming in it. He does not care to sleep in, 4:30AM and he is ready to go. In general though, we are thrilled to have him in our family and he doubles in size every two weeks…we hope that also holds true for his bladder.


Jaclyn had a birthday this weekend, I know she appreciated all the cards, calls, and birthday wishes via Facebook. She loved hearing from Grandmom Riddle & Pop-Pop. For a present, I bought us a membership to the Phipps Conservatory, which is just an enormous Mansion/Greenhouse/Museum in Pittsburgh filled to the brim with exotic plants, flowers, trees, and jungles. It was beautiful and educational, we saw all kinds of things growing that we never saw before other than on a grocery shelf, for example, saw pineapple plants, banana trees, chocolate pods growing on a tree, coffee beans growing, mangoes, and grapefruit among others. They also had jungle rooms, desert rooms, orchid rooms, and carnivorous plants.


After the trip to the conservatory, we walked the Strip and enjoyed lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Luke Wholey’s Seafood. The kids like it here because they make chicken tenders and have enormous aquariums, we love it here because the food is incredible and the kids stay occupied looking at the aquariums. We walked the Strip and Dalia came away with a little dress and both kids replenished their inventories of candy.

Benny & I took a stroll around the lake and we heard tons of splashing, it sounds like kids were doing cannonballs in the lake. We got closer and saw carp all over, must be spawning, acting crazy. We snuck up on them and investigated in the video above.

In my spare time, I am assembling a “Backpack of Excellence”. It is a combination of tackle box and survival gear. I have a summer goal of doing an overnight camping trip with my kayak and this backpack will have it all:

  • Fire
  • Knife
  • Pliers
  • Water
  • Bug Spray
  • First Aid

Let me know if anything else should be added. I also purchased a 5 foot cast net that can be used in Lake Author with my Cast Net permit. In the coming weeks, I shall try to use all of this stuff in conjunction. We’ve gone fishing several times already, Jaclyn also scouted several places to secure live minnows, we are on track for a very productive summer!

One thought on “State of the Union

  1. fire starter, or water proof matches solar powered radio and USB charger. Ranger rations (dehydrated food that you add hot water to and you have a decent meal. A waterproof bag for all this and your phone and wallet


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