Memorial Day Weekend

Ballgame Benny2 Bennypool Jeep Lightswitch Selfie Top Down

Had a fabulous weekend of beautiful weather in Pittsburgh. My friends came out and paid a visit, we watched the Pirates destroy the Mets. After the game, the guys and I went about town creating a ruckus. I took a picture of a light switch in a grimy bar called Jack’s, which was occupied by people with multiple piercings and tattoos. The next morning I snapped a selfie as I sat on a purple chair. We took the top off the Jeep on Sunday and Monday and drove around to hardware stores and I made 3 trips to Field & Stream picking up items for my Backpack of Excellence (I picked up a flint, knife, and mini first-aid kit). Still need a compass.

I have gained commitment from Jaclyn to schedule a camping trip. She said the camp site must have access to flushing toilets and showers, she also requested that this trip takes place after school ends (she is just buying time because she leaves town with the kids when school ends, she hopes this phase will pass and I’ll forget, but I am very dedicated to making this happen!). As of now, I am leaning towards Morraine State Park or Pymatuning State Park, both have camping sites right on a lake which features great fishing. Summer is here, the scheming has begun!

I am now considered eligible for kidney donor evaluation (they now will consider considering me!) because I lost a decent amount of weight (over 30 lbs). People think this is a good thing I’m doing, but it is a part of being in this family. Like any family, we have our share of goofy tendencies, strengths and weaknesses, but if you could boil it down to one thing, it is a family that you can count on. If I asked my sister’s help, there is no doubt that she would come through for me, I am just reciprocating (hopefully). Plus, I am hoping that I can finagle a handicap parking pass through the ordeal.

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