I saw a nurse at Starbucks today. Nurses do not receive nearly enough credit. Policemen, fireman, and soldiers get to talk at schools, people stop and shake their hand, they often get a free cup of coffee, and they are seen as heroes of the community. What do nurses get?

Nurses get to work insane hours to make sure sick and dying patients have protection 24 hours a day.

Nurses get to bath old wrinkled people who cannot clean themselves.

Nurses get to clean up human blood and waste.

Nurses get to change IVs, administer oxygen, medicine, and implement various  medical procedures to keep humans alive.

Nurses get to see people be born, die, and suffer terrible pain and they help them through all of it.

To me, this sounds like a person who deserves a lot more credit and appreciation than we currently show. Plus, I think a nurse should be part of the standard professions that come in and talk to students. A fireman told me to stop, drop, and roll if I catch on fire. A policeman told me to…I actually have no idea what he told me to do, but he did have a gun. A nurse could tell us how to be healthy, what to do if I get a popcorn kernel stuck in my ear, how the flu spreads, and plenty other pearls of wisdom to live a healthy life.

Here is the problem with nurses, they have stupid uniforms. Cops, fireman, and doctors all have great uniforms, you see them and immediately understand that they mean business. A nurse wears a little outfit with Winnie The Pooh designs or little frogs on lily pads. Nurses need to standardize their uniform and look more militant. I think they also need badges to show their “rank”, perhaps a little popcorn symbol for their 20th kernel removed from a kids ear or nose, a badge with a flying baby on it for their 100th baby delivered, or a syringe badge for their 10,000th IV inserted. You get the point, with the right uniform and rankings, nurses could have people giving them their first class seats on airplanes…buying them their next coffee at Starbucks.

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