Gettysburg & July 4th

At the end of June, I had a work conference in Hershey. All the hotel rooms were booked in Hershey, so I decided to grab a room in nearby Gettysburg (or so I thought). After a 3 and a half hour drive, I pulled into Gettysburg around 10:30PM on Thursday night, I needed to be at Hershey at 7AM the next morning. Once I checked into my hotel room, I looked at the trip distance from Gettysburg to Hershey on my phone and realized it was a solid hour away. The turnpike exits are close enough, but the real distance is the roads once you get off the exit.

That wasn’t a big deal though, an hour drive is a piece of cake and I found a great college radio station for the ride. My family joined me on Friday evening as I promised them the opportunity to see the Gettysburg battlefields, which produced a vacant blank stare from both of my kids until I also threw in a trip to the movie theater to watch Jurassic World, which got them excited to tag along too. I was done with the convention on Friday around 3PM, so I had some time to kill before my family arrived later that night. I headed into the town of Gettysburg to grab a bite to eat and take in the sights.


Gettysburg is the mecca of history buffs and civil war reenactors. There are a bunch of shops selling historical wares, strange objects found from the battlefields. The image above, just made me giggle out loud in the store, I am not sure if they are civil war battlefield eye balls or just plain old replacement eye balls, but $35 seemed like a reasonable price.

In the world around us, there has been a lot of heated debate about the Confederate Flag recently with the racist shooting in Charleston, SC. In Gettysburg, a town in which it constantly celebrates the historical battle that was fought there, the confederate flag is ubiquitous. Well, I decided to seek out a restaurant right in the middle of the town’s center square called Blue & Grey. I had been there before and I recalled that they make excellent burgers. Each burger is named after a famous Gettysburg battle soldier/general. Here’s what they don’t tell you, it’s a little surprise. If you order a burger named after a Union soldier, a little US Flag is planted into the burger. If you order a burger named after a confederate soldier, a confederate flag is planted on the burger. When I was at the restaurant, I saw the bartender nervously explain the whole concept as she served a black man a burger with a confederate flag. I am not sure if he minded at all, I just know the waitress spent a lot more time explaining the concept with him than with other customers, plus, you could hear a bit of anxiety in her voice.

Jeep July

Found a great ridge to park on in our neighborhood, kids jumped on top of the jeep and watched random fireworks pop up all over the countryside.

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