Video Games & Natural Water Slides

On Saturday, Winston & I went to the ReplayFx arcade & pinball convention at the Pittsburgh Convention Center. I think we paid about $30 for each of us, but that included free video game playing for an entire day, plus cool inflatable things like obstacle courses, wrecking ball jousting, slides, and this thing where you put on a velcro suit and jump off a trampoline and see how high you can get stuck on a wall. Needless to say, we play games for hours.

Sunday, we all went to Ohiopyle in search of the natural water slides. We found them and it was spectacular! Here’s a video of someone else going through them;

Winston was the first one to brave the natural slides and then after he made it through without significant injury, I decided to give it a shot too. It was a lot of fun, but not for the fragile, lots of little bumps along the way, but worth it all. Benny had an incredible time running around, getting splashed, splashing, and falling all over the place. Dalia swam around the deeper pools, opting out of the slides.

Just a tiny percentage of the hundreds of games available to play.


Winston getting photographed next to a giant Creeper, this booth was for a Children’s Hospital Gaming Marathon


Several attendees at the conference dressed up and roamed the place, they generously allowed Winston a photo op

Star Wars

Here’s Billy Mitchell (man in white) who had set several Donkey Kong records – we got his autograph

Billy Win Craft

Dalia and Win found a neat little cave at Ohiopyle



Here’s a pic from a previous weekend at Ithaca, my family has been excellent explorers this summer!


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