Family Camping Trip


When Jaclyn was looking through my phone’s photo library, she asked “Why are you taking pictures of girls in bikinis?” I replied, “That was not my intent, Winston is at the bottom of the waterfall with it splashing on his head.” A picture is worth a thousand words!

We went camping last weekend and I’m pretty sure Benny remembered the smells of Ohiopyle because he was so excited driving into the campground that he jumped out the window of my moving car as we approached the campsite. We quickly pulled over and got him back into the car, but kept the windows rolled up for the time being. It will be interesting to see if he repeats that action again.

The picture below is near the waterfall, Jac is almost hidden under the ledge, Benny is somewhere in the darkness too. The sun was beginning to come done and filter through the trees. It took us about 3 miles to walk to this waterfall from the campsite, Jac had to give a couple piggyback rides to Win & Dalia on the return trip.


The kids and Jaclyn all enjoyed the camping trip. We all agreed that we would prefer increased seclusion so we could howl at the moon and let Benny roam free, but in the end, we managed to make it through the night without iPads and TV and I enjoyed listening to the kids yammer late into the night as they fought against sleep into the night.


Jaclyn is obsessed over her Outlander books, she combined the forces of campfire and lantern to read in the darkness.


We all slept comfortably in the tent with two queen sized air mattresses. In the middle of the night, Winston left the tent to use the bathroom and we had to collect him. Benny also took a stroll in the middle of the night. Dalia woke up around 3AM and starting violently pushing her mom telling her to move. She later apologized and said she thought it was Winston.

This weekend should be a little less adventurous. School starts Monday, Dalia goes into first grade and Winston in third.

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