Labor Day Weekend


The gang got back together for our annual fantasy football draft, held at our friend’s home in Fort Washington, PA. I woke up extra early for the trip across the state because I wanted to allow a little buffer. Fortunately, this “buffer” allowed me to hit up my friend’s brewery, Conshohocken Brewing Company. I arrived around noon on a Saturday and the place was already packed with people cooler than me and many bicyclists/runners who hopped off the trail into brewery for some refreshment. I enjoyed a dark IPA, bought a growler, and took it to the draft.

We all had a great time at the draft, but this was the first year where I didn’t know half the players. At one point, you would have had to pick a really random player like Taiwan Jones to stump me, but now I couldn’t tell you about anyone picked after the sixth round. I must either continue to prioritize other things or consume more football, I wonder which path Jaclyn would recommend?

After the draft, San Diego Dave and I hopped in the car and hit up the legendary Bob & Barbara’s in Philadelphia. We enjoyed cheap PBRs & Jim Bean, complimented by a band who played good whiskey drinking music, and caught up on how much we are still like the people we used to be as kids. Around 1AM, we walked around until we found a pizza joint and it a gloriously bad decision, I ravaged 3 slices of pizza, regretted it the next day! We crashed at the Double Tree on Broad St. in Center City. We woke up at a reasonable time and I dropped Dave back off at his parents house in the morning and dropped in on my parents. They are keeping very busy themselves and could probably maintain a far more entertaining blog than me with all their adventures.

After a brief stop at my parents, I rushed back to Pittsburgh and made it home in time for a neighbor’s cookout. On Monday, I took the family to Coopers Rock in West Virginia, an absolutely stunning park with amazing views and even better trails. The trails were clearly marked, easy to follow, but filled with dark caves, deep holes, and narrow twists that made every next step very exciting.

Coopers Rock State Forest is a great spot for anybody because you essentially park your car at the top and can walk out to the most spectacular view without breaking your sweat. They even have a concession stand to grab a burger or hot dog. If you want adventure, you can start the walk down the trails that take you underneath the cliffs and find caves, holes, and assorted wildlife. Eventually, you make it to a river. We passed people with climbing gear, others looking to explore a cave or two, and others carrying fishing rods, my kind of place! Benny, our black Lab, loved it and is beginning to think he has some Mountain Goat in his DNA.

Cooper Rattlesnake

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