Ligonier Fall Festival


One thing I miss about Bucks County is the small beautiful towns, I miss Doylestown, I miss New Hope, I miss Lambertville. When I ask folks around Pittsburgh if any towns like that exist around here, they tell me to check out Ligonier. Ligonier is almost an hour and 30 minutes away from our home, so the payoff needs to be pretty big to justify the trip. This weekend, Ligonier had a fall festival, so I figured, this would be a good time to take the family, if the town stinks, there will at least be kettle corn and hot dogs to improve their mood.

Once you exit the Turnpike, it is a beautiful drive up route 711. The road passes century old beautiful farms, white fences, horses, mountains, and rustic cabins. Not that the kids have an appreciation for what is out the window, they spend their time playing a game they invented called, “Guess What I Am Thinking?”. They love this game and it keeps them pretty occupied for most of the trip, occasionally, they just break out into uncontrollable laughter.

As we approached the town of Ligonier, we were waved into a large field with thousands of cars packed into it. I looked at Jaclyn as we both recognized that this was bigger than the average festival. We walked through the field to a school bus that shuttled us into town. We watched a top notch parade featuring a banana car, shriners, bag pipers, marching bands, a variety of “queens” from respective agriculture fairs, and a juggling Ronald McDonald. The town was a total mob, much too packed to really explore it, we estimated that 100,000 people were in attendance (but we are not good estimators).

Dalia wanted ice cream so we stopped in a Creamery in the center square, it was tasty and everything an ice cream parlor should be.



The above image is taken from a clothing store in Ligonier. The town looked beautiful and Jaclyn & I vowed to return on a less busy weekend.


A work colleague gave me a dozen eggs from his chicken coop (I almost spelled it “coup”, which made me smile envisioning a chicken coup in the coop). On Sunday morning, I started making 6 scrambled eggs for the family, when I realized no one else wanted scrambled eggs. As a result, I ate a 6 egg omelet myself and covered it with hot sauce from St. Augustine, FL that my parents got for me. It was absolutely delicious and seemed to be the perfect breakfast treat, but my mind told me that 6 eggs may be considered eggcessive, so I gained permission to take a long hike and burn off the calories.

I hiked along the Slippery Rock Gorge trail, did about 4 miles each way, but it features dramatic inclines and declines, so it whooped me pretty good. My left foot has some sort of injury which only makes itself known about 6 miles into a hike, making the last 2 miles very uncomfortable.

Week7 Week8 Week6 Week5

After the hike, met the kids at the shopping mall. I’ve created an incentive system predicated on test/quiz scores exceeding 90% and the kids are churning out a ridiculous amount of good grades, so they cashed in their rewards for a variety of knick-knacks.

This weekend coming up, I have to make a 18 hour trip to New Orleans and then on Friday we head to the cabin in Coudersport, PA.

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