Vegas – Not Too Bad


There was a movie theater about a mile down Flamingo Avenue from my hotel, walking there I passed Hugh Hefner drive.


IMG_0750 IMG_0752

There are many methods where I can waste money joyfully, gambling is on the other list which includes speeding tickets and dentist visits. I am out here for a sales meeting and instead of going out to a big meal that dragged on way too late at night, I saw a movie both nights I was here. I saw The Martian and Bridge of Spies, both were outstanding flicks which I would recommend to anyone.

Since I was up at 3:30AM (6:30AM EST), I decided to walk around town to find a Starbucks that was open 24 hours. There was one about a mile and half away on The Strip. It was funny to pass people who were hitting their last gear of partying, while I was wide eyed and sober. One man approached me, “Where’s da party at, yo!?” To which I replied, “I am sure you know better than I”.

I never really appreciated Las Vegas and to be honest, it is still far down on my list of places I’d ever want to go on vacation, but it does seem nicer than I recall. There’s still a bunch of riff raff, the scene is dominated by gambling, and it is a desert, but there’s been a concerted effort to class up the joint and if you were willing to spend an arm and a leg, you could have one heck of a time at world class restaurants, shows, and clubs.

The New Orleans experience is much more attainable to all. The rich and poor can savor the beignet, rowdy street jazz performance, baked oysters, or a century old restaurant where memories color the grimy walls. I guess that has its pluses and minuses, but you cannot deny the authenticity.

I am at the Vegas airport now, return to Pittsburgh today, and head to DC tomorrow for the weekend to attend a conference.

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