Donkey Song

I was driving home from Washington DC and both kids broke out into this song, it starts out slow and progressively gets faster:

Icky bicky bonky, Daddy had a donkey.

The donkey died.

Daddy cried.

Jaclyn and I just looked at each other and laughed hysterically.

American Airlines and US Airways merged and they provided me a tally of my combined flights on their airline in all my years flying with them. I have 206,000 miles with them, which means I could have flown around the world 8 times. They have a million mile club and I do not think I will reach it in my lifetime (at least I hope I don’t).

I have to be in San Antonio on Dalia’s actual birthday, so I am pushing up her birthday by a week so we can have a party while I am around. We are going to be going to this massive trampoline center on Sunday to celebrate, can’t wait to wish her a happy seventh birthday.

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