Brief Recap


Jaclyn has become a fan of Kombucha, strange fermented tea with living organisms in it, oh yeah, I also forgot to mention it tastes like vinegar. Gross stuff, but I guess she could say worse about my moonshine.


Jac got a puppy, Rosie. Rosie was at first overwhelmed by the Deem household, but has nicely integrated into the insanity. Benny & her are starting to develop quite a bond. Benny is still less than a year old, but enormous and strong, he wants to play with her and puts his big paw on her back and it collapses her little frame. She now gives it right back to him, last night while Benny was laying down, Rosie snuck up behind him and latched onto his tail with her teeth and pulled with all her might. Benny just laughed it off, rolled over and barely noticed.


Winston loves his wizard hat and Minecraft, he enters codes into the computer to modify the game, he is becoming very articulate when he wants to be.


Had special visitors over the weekend! We were all battling exhaustion and a variety of maladies, but it was a great time and loved the company. Molly got quite a kick out of the doggies and loved hanging with her big cousins.


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