Thanksgiving Break


Went back to the suburbs of Philadelphia for Thanksgiving break and made a brief detour into NYC. I had seen the twin towers, I had seen ground zero, I had seen the Freedom Tower being built, but it was very powerful to see the Freedom Tower completed. I recently read a very good quote by football coach Mike Shanahan, “Tough times don’t last, tough people do”, this building is emblematic of the tough people who reside in America. We got tickets to go up to the observatory on the 100th floor of the building, it only took the elevator 48 seconds to reach the destination. My ears popped several times on the way up.


You can walk around the entire floor and see in all directions. The above image is looking east down onto a “tiny” Statue of Liberty. In fact, as you drive into NYC from New Jersey, all the skyscrapers look tiny next to the Freedom Tower.




We walked up to Soho and stopped in one of our favorite shops called Pearl River, we picked up a variety of imported bric-a-brac. Dalia modeled this lovely conical hat.


We passed through Rockefeller Center and they were still in the process of putting up decorations. Winston is pleased with the efforts.


Had to hit up the Nintendo US Headquarters, even Donkey Kong was in the Christmas spirit.


At a John’s Pizzeria near Times Square, its an old church converted to an upscale pizzeria, well as upscale as a pizzeria can be.


Jaclyn introduced Rosie to Tootsie, everyone was happy.


If you find Conshohocken Brewing Company beer, you should try it out. We found some at The Hattery in Doylestown. We were in the downstairs bar and it was worth checking out.

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