Epic Night

Last night was an amazing night in an idiotic man kind of way. Old friend from Philadelphia has recently moved out to Pittsburgh and we finally got out to a bar to catch up for awhile.

The bar was playing a Thursday night football game that featured 3 of my fantasy football players who were competing in my league’s championship game. This fantasy football league is mostly comprised of childhood friends and they can be pretty ruthless and intolerant if your team delivers a dismal record, so I am very excited that I am now competing in my second championship game (proving that my first one wasn’t a fluke!). Plus, some decent money is on the line, which made it all the more awesome when my three players all made significant contributions. I watched the game while eating extremely hot mango habanero wings that were almost too hot to eat, but a steady rotation of Miller Light and ice water allowed me to complete the challenge.

At the end of the third quarter, the game was losing its intensity and we all had work the next day, so we decided to pack it in, but I made a last minute audible and stopped at the movie theater to see if any opening night tickets were available for the new Star Wars movie. There was no line, I walked right in and was immediately seated and got to see the Force Awakened (second row from the front)! The movie ended after 1AM and I have a pretty important meeting with my boss and boss’s boss this morning, but it was all worth it!

Here are three logos that I’ve often seen and always confuse, hopefully this helps you keep them straight.

The Star Wars rebel logo:

Phoenix logo:

Ruger logo:

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