2015…A Pretty Good Year

2015 started off with my family’s first trip to Orlando. We spent time at Sea World, on an airboat in the everglades, and of course, Disney World. My favorite moments included: getting incredibly close to an irritated gator on the airboat, Dalia getting soaked by a killer whale (above), and the ladies finally meeting the princess they were so anxious to meet (below)

Pic 12

Spring rolled around and we caught trout.


We purchased a friendly little dog named Benny. He grew, and grew some more, but has maintained his leisurely perspective and upbeat wag in the tail. He is a friend to all he encounters.

Benny Paint


I traded my jeep wrangler for a jeep cherokee. It was a good trade, but will miss those perfect weekends where I drove with the top off (but the other 360 days I am a happy camper).

JeepBenny Jeep

Speaking of camping, I intensified my outdoors exploration with tons of hikes and a couple camping adventures. I am now pretty familiar with the western side of Pennsylvania and have plenty more adventures lined up for the future.

We also went to some cities, NYC & DC. Went a top of the tallest building in the US, the Ford Theater where Lincoln enjoyed his last show, and too many museums to count.

Constructed quality time with the love of my life. If you asked for me to describe Jac in one word, “adventurous” would not be the first word that comes to mind, however, she joyously tags along and always keeps an open mind. I would choose the word, “Amazing”, sincerely, that is the word I would use, but if you would not allow it, my fallback would be, “harmonious”, but one word is just not enough. Her word for me would probably be “insane”.

I took on a new hobby of exploring local distilleries, eating hot food, and searching for items that break the monotony. Throughout the year, I lost about 50 pounds in an effort to donate my kidney.


We got Rosie.

We had a remarkable trip to Coudersport, PA. Our family and friends journeyed out to Pittsburgh to visit us. We had loved ones pass away. We saw our children do outstanding work in school (hopefully it stays that way!). We have had a year that we can celebrate when the ball drops at midnight on new years eve.


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