Turning a Corner

2015 concluded with a nice hike in Moraine State Park, I think we hiked into a deep basin called Hell’s Hollow. It is a two mile hike each way and the kids were troopers, hustling over many elevation changes and trying our best to keep up with Benny. We past 4 or 5 other hikers on New Years Eve, it was getting cloudy and by 3:30PM, I was nervous that we may be finishing our hike in darkness. Fortunately, we got back to the car with a dull light seeping through the clouds. Benny went swimming in a dozen spots, including the stream right next to where we parked the car, he hopped in soaking wet and was a very happy camper. He got to ride in front to minimize his contact with fellow passengers. Rosie joined us on the hike and insisted on running the path herself, she was the star of the day as she did a tremendous job keeping up, despite any small obstacle requiring significant effort to overcome with her small misshapen body.


Here is an image of two happy campers on Christmas morning. On Christmas Eve, Jaclyn gave the following guidance to the kids:

“You can wake up as early as you want and go downstairs and look inside your stocking, but you cannot touch or open any presents around the tree.”

At 4:30AM, I hear Winston scurrying out of his bed and run downstairs. Then he called for Dalia, “Santa came! Santa came! Dalia wake up!”

I jumped out of bed and added an amendment to Jaclyn’s direction, you cannot go downstairs until 6:30AM, back to bed Winston.


After opening presents, we drove back to the suburbs of Philly on Christmas day and spent time with relatives. Starting with Thanksgiving and right through Christmas, I was eating and drinking a little more than I should have been, but it was all worth it. I figured that once the holidays pass, I could get myself back on my boring routine and lose the excess weight (I was still below my goal weight, so no one worry! I just was heading in the wrong direction.)

On New Year’s Eve, we enjoyed a great Mexican meal and that was it for me, I was satisfied and ready to get back on the straight and narrow. After a couple days, I’m just about back to where I was and my goal is to be at a new record low weight by Valentine’s Day.

Oh, I have one more big New Year’s goal. A friend bought me a box of hot sauces for Christmas, it includes 7 bottles. In addition, I have two unopened bottles that I had purchased earlier and a half of bottle of Sriracha. It is my goal to finish the 9 and a half bottles of hot sauce by the end of August. Which means I need to go through slightly more than one bottle a month. Jaclyn watched me pour hot sauce all over chicken in alfredo sauce last night and was not in support of the goal.

We went to see the lights at Phipps Conservatory. The place is worth a visit, even when the lights are not out. Here are a couple pics (which represent less than 1% of their displays)

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