Got Tanked


Jac and I went on a date Saturday. First stop, the Heinz History Center, which is somehow affiliated with the Smithsonian. The building was fascinating and there were a couple outstanding items, including a limited time World War 2 exhibit. There is a lot of room for improvement though, many spaces remain under utilized or just housing a random collection of stuff, but the experience was worth the price of admission.

After the museum, we decided to enjoy a fancy lunch at the Grand Concourse. It is an old train station in Station Square, it was beautiful, historic, and created a fun dining experience. Fortunately, the food was above average and we loved our waiter Herbert from Germany.

Herbert had an excellent method of upselling customers from tap water to bottled Perrier, he would say, “Hello, my name is Herbert and I will be your waiter today. Would you like Pittsburgh water or fine sparkling water with your meal today?” I did not hear many customers select the Pittsburgh water.

Here is an image from within the Grand Concourse:


On Friday night, we hosted 20 nine year old children. While they enjoyed their movie, The Minions, things were holding together and we kept a semblance of order. Then the movie concluded and Jaclyn tried to assemble the group for a photo, it is at this point that the collection of cute children exploded into complete chaos and anarchy. It started with a little friendly bumping and goofing around, then the pushees retaliated with healthier shoves, and someone did a flying body slam off the couch, pillows were flying, yells and screams erupted from the scrum, Jaclyn was shouting and clapping her hands, “STOP – clap, clap – STOP – clap, clap, clap” I started yelling and pulling kids apart, it was all in good fun, no one intended injury or harm, it was just a bunch of puppies horsing around.

Jac snapped a picture, we ate the cake, opened presents and then the party concluded. After the last child departed, we agreed that future kid parties will take place outside the home and I made myself an absinthe concoction.



Here’s an example of the random signs that appear in the Heinz museum. It was cool enough.

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