On Sunday, I suffered from a severe bout of food poisoning. I woke up with a horrible pain in my stomach and I immediately implicated the Japanese restaurant that I had the night before for a friend’s birthday celebration.

I’ll spare you the details, but I spent the day either incredibly sick or asleep. Jaclyn shared the same raw sushi that I had and did not have any symptoms. Perhaps it was not the Japanese restaurant. I was just in multiple airports as I traveled back and forth to San Antonio, I think many germs float around in those places. By the way, the Charlotte airport makes a nice impression.

The Airport

Kind of think of it, I did some questionable things in San Antonio, notably, touched a live armadillo and then ate bar-b-q without washing my hands.

Before I left for San Antonio, I took the family to the University of Pittsburgh’s men’s basketball team’s game against Boston College. We stopped at a popular college dive restaurant famous for their hot dogs and fries, it is known as The O. Their food was great, but hygiene is not their sweet spot.

The O

At the game, the kids enjoyed ice cream. It was only surpassed by the halftime entertainment which was a jump rope crew from Doylestown, PA who put on an insanely great performance. The student section gave them a standing ovation.

In hindsight, it is a miracle of the human body that I am not in a constant state of food poisoning. From Sunday morning to Sunday night, I slept more than half the day and all the night. On Monday, I felt better, but like I had been kicked by a donkey. I went to work and gradually returned to full health. All the sleep made it impossible to go to bed at a reasonable time on Monday, I stayed up to 1AM reading all about the Johnstown flood. I also subjected Jaclyn to a two hour documentary on Lawrence of Arabia.

WW1 is something that gets little attention in our generation, really critical historical period to understand some of the complexities in the middle east. I have a couple more books in my queue on the topic…after Johnston!

I have a new goal to weigh 199lbs, I am about 20lbs away. I hope to be there by June.


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