A Ring-A-Round the Rosie

IMG_0027 - Copy

Liked the way the sky was looking on Friday night.

On Saturday, we headed to Slippery Rock Gorge Trail. On one end, it leads to Hell’s Hollow, on the other side, you go up a very steep mountain, travel along a ridge, and the descend back to the creek to a portion known as Walnut Flats.

We had unseasonably warm temperatures for February, the kids did the 4.4 mile hike with 1,300 feet in elevation changes without much issue. Rosie gave up three quarters of the way through, Benny wasn’t challenged enough and ran far ahead, then flanked us on the high ground and would surprise us by flying onto the trail from up above us, he enjoyed it in equal proportion to the amount is scared the hell out of us.

IMG_0035 - Copy

We started at Eckert Bridge, which is now closed, so we have to park at a place called Breakneck Bridge in Portersville, PA.

IMG_0028 - Copy

The snow melt contributed to a swollen Slippery Rock Creek, but it was still perfectly clear in some spots, just pristine water.

IMG_0038 - Copy

These were neat ice formations that resembled mushrooms.

IMG_0031 - Copy

Here is Benny running ahead, trying to identify his next opportunity to scare us.

IMG_0034 - Copy

If you look closely, you can spot Rosie dressed in her little sweater. Speaking of Rosie, we lost her tonight and could not find her anywhere in or around the house. We went running around the neighborhood yelling for her, trying to locate her. Jaclyn alerted social media and the fabulous people of Pittsburgh all emerged from their homes and we had a search committee comparable to one you would expect for a missing toddler. The whole neighborhood was on high alert and as I drove my jeep around the neighborhood, I passed a dozen people with flashlights calling for her. I thanked them all and kept pushing forward.

Eventually, in a dark far corner of the neighborhood, I saw a creature that looked like Rosie run in front of my car and into the driveway. I stopped the car and looked at the animal and said, “Rosie, is that you?” The creature was roughly the same size and shape as Rosie, but looked a little different. “ROSIE! Come here Rosie!” The creature stared back at me and frozen in indecision. I open the car door and step closer, at this point, I realize it is a possum and it runs like hell to get away from me.

You can say a lot about Pittsburgh, but in my experience, the people are remarkably compassionate and everything you would want in a community. Good, great, wonderful people helped us in locating our dog on a cold February night.

Rosie eventually appeared, she was somehow locked in our garage, but it took us hours of searching 3 square miles to figure it out.

Enjoyed the Super Bowl on Sunday night. We had a ton of food in the freezer from past parties and we decided to thaw it out and put together an amazing spread (by “we”, I mean my amazing wife Jaclyn). I ate for about 45 minutes straight until I was super full, then I proceeded to eat another 4 lbs of food. I believe there is only a couple chromosomes that separate me from my gluttonous black lab who drools and begs for unlimited food and could easily consume until sickness overtakes us.

Well, it is a good night, we are all united again and under the same warm roof. Snow will be upon us tonight and temps fall into single digits this week. May yinz all stay warm!





One thought on “A Ring-A-Round the Rosie

  1. You sent out an APB on your dog and it was in your garage? Not Cool, dude. Did you apologize to your neighbors? Maye give them an Amazon gift card as a Thank You?

    Same thing happened when I was a little The Fredman in Doylestown. Our 8 year old next door neighbors Ryan and Blair went missing one night. We hoped maybe they died in a pool, but they didn’t. Turns out they snuck into their parents car in the garage and fell asleep in the back seat. The cops on duty beat the crap out of them to teach them a a lesson.
    RKD, i’ll do the same to you next time we come face to face. Count on it.


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