Daddy Daughter Dance

Before the dance


The night included a carriage ride, the next picture is a carriage ride selfie.



Dalia and I attended a Daddy Daughter Dance at the Children’s Museum in Pittsburgh last night. With a high degree of confidence I can say that Dalia had one of the best nights of her life. She had picked out a special dress, carried her special purse (from Claire’s) that contained a Japanese fan in the event she needed to cool herself off from dancing too much, her mom’s old iPhone that she now carries proudly (she proactively announced to several strangers that she has her own iPhone), and gum. Mom helped with the lipstick, but Dalia did her makeup. I really do not like wearing ties, but decided to go all out for the occasion. From the moment we got there, Dalia wanted to dance and dance and dance. An unknown muscle between my ankles and calf muscle is sore on both legs from all the dancing.

I am not sure where Dalia learned to dance, but she was a jumping bean mixing in lots of exciting dance maneuvers, she was constantly smiling.


Benny and I went on a hike this weekend, Benny found this deer leg and carried it proudly for about a mile. I could tell he wanted to go off under a tree and chew on it for awhile, but it was not in the cards. He reluctantly put it back in the woods and I know he will often think about the leg that got away.



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