Over the weekend, we went to Phipp’s Consevatory for their Spring floral arrangements. I took a bunch of pictures of the orchids (above) with my phone. I have had an appreciation for orchids after seeing the movie Adaptation years ago.


I took this photo at Pittsburgh’s Hofbrauhaus restaurant/brewery, it might be my favorite ever. I’ve seen these two swap their respective expressions, the apple and the tree. Dalia has gotten very into jewelry.


Laurel Highland Hiking Trail – Where Does It Start


There is a 70 mile hike that goes from Ohiopyle, PA to Johnstown, PA. I’ve had a couple people ask where the trail starts, so here is a quick guide. If you drive through town, past the general store, under the bridge and over the railroad tracks. You will be able to make a right turn just past the railroad tracks. You will see an outfitter on the right side of the road and the Fall City Pub on the left. Park your car right across the Fall City Pub.

You will then see:

IMG_0108 - Copy

If you are staying overnight, make sure you deal with the forms and phone in your information. You will walk up this road for a little bit and you will then see this sign:

IMG_0109 - Copy

At this point, you are going to be going up for about 2 miles, you will see mile markers acknowledging your progress:

IMG_0113 - Copy

The steep hike pays off with a nice view:


Along the way, you pass several of these little bridges. The trail is marked with yellow paint (painted tree + bridge seen below).

IMG_0117 - Copy

If you plan on hiking the whole thing, or just want to stay the night, the shelters are really nice. The floor is wood, so bring some padding! The fireplaces are a very nice touch. The 6 miles to get here were tough, but I’ve heard that the hike flattens out considerably after this point. Hiking back from the shelter in the same day was pretty brutal.


Benny multitasking by cooling off and drinking:

We also went to the Aviary this weekend, it is amazing how close you get to amazing birds:



Totally Spent.


Work has been extremely busy lately, like this year. I was working all weekend in Los Angeles, most days went from 7AM to 10PM, I got home Monday night and the pace has not relented. There was one neat event at the Los Angeles science museum where we had dinner under the Endeavor Space Shuttle. The darn thing was so enormous that I needed to use the panorama feature on the iPhone to fit it all on a single picture. If I had to estimate, it was the size of 10 school buses. How something that big and heavy, managed to leave the ground, get into space, and fly home is beyond me. Here is a cool video of the space shuttle being transported to its final resting place.

Source: Time-lapse video: Space shuttle Endeavour’s trek across L.A.