I have lots of time, I feel darn good, but I am not authorized to drive or strain myself, which results in an abundance of time passing slowly. It is like staring at an hourglass filled with honey.

With that being said, there are moments every day where I’m perfectly content.

We went to the Lumberville General Store (near New Hope, PA). The General Store resides in a building from 1803 and has been renovated to blend gorgeous old bones with a dash of modern. My parents and I sipped our caffeinated beverages and looked out at the river flowing under the long pedestrian bridge. Heaven in Bucks County.

My parents dropped me off in Doylestown and I browsed the stores and wasted time at cafes. I enjoyed a movie at the County Theater (Eye In The Sky, which was like an intro course to war time philosophical debate, a movie worth seeing). Afterwards, I picked up an ice cream cone and got Jaclyn a small gift and then went to Starbucks to draft her a letter.

Visiting my grandfather (Pop-Pop).

Met up with a friend at Independence Hall and did the tour. Visited Ben Franklin’s residence and associated museum. Purchased a copy of the Declaration of Independence made off a printing press by a park ranger for $3. Found a quote by Ben Franklin that was worth sharing, “Be frugal and industrious, and you will be free.”

Went to the Air Museum in Willow Grove, Dave a former Navy pilot gave us an incredible tour (he works on Wednesdays). Admission is $6 and it is worth it to see the jets and helicopters up close. Most memorably, I stood on front of an A-10 Warthog and felt a shimmer of terror run through my body – total bad ass. Dave unlocked one plane and we hopped inside for a lengthy conversation about the challenges of landing on an aircraft carrier – something he had done hundreds of times – fascinating!

Fredman took me to dinner. He says I bored him, but I enjoyed the company and was very excited to finally try the Pineville Tavern.




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