Memorial Day Weekend

On Memorial Day weekend, I vowed to tidy up my soul. Whenever I have spare time, I feel incredibly restless and pace around the house bothering everyone. Weekends are especially hard for me because I tend to wake up at 6 or 6:30AM with loads of energy, waiting for Jaclyn to wake up, like a kid on Christmas morning waiting for his parents to give him permission to begin the day.  Usually, I take the dog and disappear on a trail for hours. This weekend, I just wanted to try and relax.

On Saturday, I dropped my car off at the dealership for an oil change (my father will cringe upon reading this – he made me watch countless oil changes and the only takeaway from the experience is that didn’t ever want to change my own oil if possible), then walked the 3 miles back home. We tidied up the house and in the afternoon. Dalia went to the neighborhood pool in the afternoon and saw all of her friends, she reports that she can now do a flip off the diving board! Winston was sick, so I took him to the theater and we watched the Angry Birds movie, it was like an extended Saturday morning cartoon and that was fine by the both of us.

Sunday, I rode my bike to a Starbucks about 3 miles away and it nearly killed me. The hills in Pittsburgh are relentless and grueling. When you are hiking, you can go at a slow pace or stop if you are winded, but when you’re riding on a road, everything is different:

  1. If you slow down while going up the hill, you lose momentum, making it even harder to pedal
  2. The hill is finite, you just want to make it to the top and then you can coast for a bit and catch your breath, but then you coast for about 5 seconds and start on a new hill and you are still out of breath from the last one
  3. Frankly, it is embarrassing to have to hop off your bike and walk it up a hill as cars pass you. The assumed criticisms that the motorists would say about me was enough to motivate me well past my capacity. At one point, I was totally exhausted, out of breath, and feeling pretty horrible, then I heard a real crazy noise reverberating throughout my head and thought something terrible was happening to me, but I quickly realized it was just the cicadas.

I made it home, grabbed a giant glass of water and laid on the hardwood floor for about 15 minutes while the dogs licked me (I did my best to discourage them, but they persisted).

On Monday, we went to 7 Springs resort and the kids did summer tubing (images above) and they also rode their first chair lift and tried their hands on the alpine slide. Both kids did very well and I believe are adequately indoctrinated in mountain adventuring for our Colorado vacation that is fast approaching.

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