Bumper Cars

I was exhausted last weekend, 100% wiped out. It culminated in a fairly poor showing by me, but let’s set it up.

Last week was a long work week, but at the end of the week I got a big surprise promotion. It was a jump up two levels and now I have the title “Director”. My colleagues are already teasing me about the new role and suggesting that I will convert into Mr. Corporate.

I was running on fumes by Friday evening, but had spent so little time with my family during the week, that I decided to get out of the house and go to dinner to celebrate. I was talking to Jaclyn about something and Dalia jumped in about her day at school, I sternly reminded her about not interrupted during conversation and she cried for the next 15 minutes. I tried to cheer up the kids by announcing the promotion and they both worried that it meant that I will be working even more and spending less time with them, the celebration was not going as I envisioned.

We returned home and I went to bed, throughout the night, the dogs woke me up three times and Benny had me up for good around 5:30AM. Benny sits next to the bed with his head resting about 6 inches from my face and he tries to talk to me, like a weird groaning whine noise. The brilliance of Benny the Black Lab is that he first introduced this noise when he had to go to the bathroom. He would wake me up in the middle of the night with this performance and I would happily take him downstairs and let him out to do his business. He has realized the efficacy of this method and has tried to find broader applications. For example, I wake up at 5:30AM on Saturday morning with his head six inches from mine while he produces that awful noise and I walk him downstairs, open the door for him to go outside to go to the bathroom and he stops in the middle of the kitchen and just stares at me. At the moment, I realize that I’ve been played, that rat doesn’t need to go to the bathroom at all, he just wants food or to go on a walk. I am pissed, I try to go back to bed, but it is no use. I go to Starbucks for coffee, it has no effect.

Late morning it is time for Dalia’s softball game, we are halfway there and realize we forgot the equipment. I am an agitated zombie at this point, but determined to watch my daughter’s softball game. We head back home and there’s a teenage girl flying through the neighborhood in her car and gets super close to the back of my car. I’ve never done this before and do not plan on doing it again, because it is stupid, but I hit my breaks and she bumps into the back of my car. I know it is just a tap, so I signal with my arm that I am frustrated (nothing profane, more like a shrug), and hope that she gets the message that she should back off. About 4 seconds later, she is about 2 feet behind my car and I slow down to a stop and get out of my car. Jaclyn is convinced that I am going to go Hulk and do something regrettable – she implores me to utilize caution. I walk up to her window and politely ask her to slow down, she already hit my car, it is a neighborhood with kids and she is driving like a maniac. She seemed pretty frightened by the ordeal and so I just said “Thank you”, returned to me car. Maybe this experience will be something she remembers and will avoid a serious accident because of it, maybe she will just be permanently angry with me and slash my tires if she sees my car again. Either way, I could have played it better and regret the incident.

I am almost back to being fully recharged, but it will be busy until my upcoming vacation when we travel to Colorado & New Mexico.

In Pittsburgh, the town is excited to see the Penguins so close to a Stanley Cup.

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