Dinner for Three


Jaclyn knew I’ve been working too much and could use some reprieve. She surprised me on Friday night by having a babysitter scheduled and made a reservation at a nice old restaurant called Palazzo 1837 Ristorante (my spell check indicates that they misspelled restaurant – but we let it slide). The building appears old/historic, but there was not much in the way of its history on the website or on the menu – so no backstory for me to share about the place. We’ve tried to eat there twice before, but both times it was beyond capacity and they could not accept any more diners and we were turned away. Jaclyn’s last minute reservation was clutch.

We got to the restaurant a little early and tried to sneak into the bar, but were noticed by a group of work friends enjoying wine on the patio. I introduced Jaclyn and told them about our big night out, they told us to get to it and enjoy ourselves.

When I first turned 21 (16 years ago), my roommates at Bloomsburg University splurged one night and bought a fancy case of beer called Tennent’s Lager. I believe the beer is from Scotland and I recalled it being the best beer I have ever tasted. I’ve often thought about the beer and wondered if my appreciation was because it was the first time we departed from beer that cost $8 a case (Milwaukee’s Best or Natural Ice) or if it was as good as I remember. We were a bunch of clowns, sipping the beer, trying to describe the taste like sommeliers – we concluded it has a distinctly exquisite honey aftertaste.

16 years have passed, I’ve kept a constant eye out for the rare lager from Scotland, but hadn’t seen it until Friday night at Palazzo’s. When I saw the beer on the menu, I was determined to try it immediately – Jac and I tasted it, described the flavors, yes, it does have a honey aftertaste and concluded it was a terrific beer. I’ll take a Tennents any day, but I would also devour an Iron City Light, I’m not too discriminating and I’ve often found that to be advantageous. After our drinks, the bartender informed us that our friends from work bought the round for us. Friday night was shaping up alright.

We asked if we could be seated outside, but they said their patio was at capacity. We showed a little disappointment, but were still excited by the idea of a night out as a couple. The hostess asked us to wait a minute as she wanted to double check, she came back and mentioned a private balcony where the two of us could sit by ourselves. We signed up for the unique opportunity and were escorted to a little balcony at the front of the restaurant for a romantic dinner. At one point, a cicada landed on the back of my neck, I grabbed him and tried to encourage him along back a tree, but he was quite content to rest on my hand (photo above). The night was too perfect to mind the interloper and finally left after a minute or two.

We are very happy to be hosting Jaclyn’s parents this weekend. We’ve been spending a lot of time on the back porch and going to Dalia’s softball games (she’s really improved considerably). In general, pretty laid back summer days, much better than the alternative!

Next Saturday, I am signed up for a very long hike. Will report more on that later.


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