Walk of Shame


A couple of folks decided to do a summer solace hike where you tried to walk the entire Rachel Carson Trail (35 miles) from start to finish from sunup (5:30AM) to sundown (9PM). The above schedule shows the timing and distance between checkpoints.


Jac and I made a covenant that I could do the hike as long as I agreed to discontinue if I started to feel any symptoms suggesting I was in peril. My doctors suggested that I am now at greater risk to suffer dehydration so I should be careful on that front. For this hike, I drank a ridiculous amount of fluid and despite hiking 21 miles, I weighed more at the end then I did at the beginning (from drinking so much). Despite the fluid, at mile 21 I was feeling slightly hazy in the 85 degree temps and decided to quit there instead of pushing 7 more miles to the next check point.

At mile 21, I was thrilled to play the kidney card and drop out. My feet were starting to blister, legs were exhausted, and each future step would have been pretty painful. I was walking with a couple of work colleagues and two women managed to complete the full 35 miles. I made it home without an issue and feel pretty much back to normal 3 days later.


Winston did a big presentation on The Strip in Pittsburgh (which he got an A+) that included the world famous first location of Primanti Brothers. Primanti’s is famous for their huge sandwiches, piled high with french fries and coleslaw. The sandwich is so big that you nearly have to unhinge your jaw to take a bite. Winston begged me to take him there and try it out, we got one and both kids enjoyed it.


Today I am in Annapolis, MD for the first time and find it lovely. Hope to come back some time with the family, but would prioritize Cape May, NJ as there is a nicer beach.


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