Day 1 – Acclimation to Elevation


The family made it Colorado in one piece. We got up super early (3:30AM), caught a plane, transferred to another plane in Dallas, landed in Denver, rented a car, and made it to our destination in Colorado Springs at a small hotel called the Garden of the Gods Resort.

We were all pretty spent by the time we got here, but we rallied and managed to get out and do a lot. We ate dinner in the lovely Manitou Springs at the Manitou Brewing Company (ate a bunch of appetizers, we loved it!), we walked through town and capped it off with ice cream. We did a brief drive through the Garden of the Gods and it is breath taking, but was pretty crowded so kept driving. We will go back this morning to get out of the car and hike up the rocks, it should be less crowded on a Monday. We can see the Garden of the Gods from our hotel room, I snapped a picture of it from our room’s balcony (see third image down from the top). The first image was off the side of a steep windy road we drove on yesterday, the second is Jaclyn and I on a ledge by the cave of the winds. We just did reconnaissance, no spelunking yet.

Today the real adventures begin, I do not think my family is quite prepared for it all, but they will find out the the real thing is so much more interesting than Disney World or theme parks. Today we are going deep in gold mines, up the tallest mountains, hiking up amazing rock structures, and perhaps taking a scenic drive. Will fill you in tomorrow.

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