Day 4 – Santa Fe

imageimageimageimageWe woke up early in Taos and drove out to the Taos Ski Village to hike up to Williams Lake (pictured above). The road went gradually went from a highway, to a country road, to a windy mountain road, to a dirt road that perilously crept up the mountain to a Bavarian restaurant at an elevation of 10,000 feet. We parked our car there and found the trail to Williams Lake and hikes up a fairly decent grade, but the elevation made it much more challenging for us. What would have been a fairly casual hike in Pennsylvania had us huffing and puffing on several occasions. Dalia and Winston did a great job, Dalia did the hike in pretty slip on shoes from Old Navy, while I used my fancy hiking shoes from REI that I’ve been using for the past year, she did just fine! The lake was crystal clear and cradled by spectacular mountains. There was some complaining on the hike up, but it ceased when we made it to such an amazing sight. The chipmunks ran up to Jaclyn and successfully begged her for snacks in her bag, she pretty much handed them saltines, both human and chipmunks were happy with the transaction.

On the way back we saw that the Rio Grande Gorge bridge was not too far off course, so we drove over the bridge and snapped this picture.


After driving past the Rio Grande, we drove back to Taos, left flowers for Jaclyn’s grandparents and then continued to Santa Fe.

image We ate lunch at the plaza and could have window shopped for hours, but we wanted to check out a new amusement park/art exhibition/fun house that was sponsored by the famous Game of Thrones author, George R.R. Martin called Meow Wolf.


The outside looks fairly unassuming, but there are several enormous sculptures outside that got your attention. We went into the building, paid admission, and experienced something totally mindblowing insane. You walk into a house and nothing is as it seems, you can crawl through the fireplace into another dimension, you can open a refrigerator and go into another dimension, there is some sort of mystery to solve throughout the experience, but the kids were just having way too much fun to make it into an intellectual experience. Here they are entering the fridge.



This place was mind blowing, weird, crazy, and I’m not sure what to say about it. However, Winston said this afterwards:

“Dad, you know how you were asking me if there are things on this vacation that I would someday show my kids? Well, I will definitely take my 10 kids to Meow Wolf someday.” Winston loved it and that works for me. Here are a couple more images from Meow Wolf. Dalia and Jaclyn are doing some late night shopping in town as I post, tomorrow we head to Albuquerque.


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