A long strange trip

Man, the drive from Albuquerque to Breckenridge…It was a journey that started in a flat rocky desert sporadically dotted with cactus. We then traveled down an impossibly straight road that grew into greener sections of America with gentle rolling mountains. The final stage passing through Hoosier Pass at 11,000 feet traveling between giant imposing mountains, a series of steep Rocky Mountains that stand well over 14,000 feet  called the Collegiate Mountains.

God, I loved it all. I loved being stuck behind an old pickup truck that had a Sheep Dog in the bed, no tailgate, no problem.

I loved the generous staff at a restaurant in  Alamosa. At the end of the meal they insisted we try their sopapillas free of charge.

There was a rain storm that loomed on the horizon about 50 miles away, I loved inching along until we were immersed in gray and purple.

Near the town of Crestone (which seems like a fascinating place, but we had no time to stop), we heard the DJ on the only radio station talk about getting out on that weekend to the alien observatory and watch UFOs. He knows they are out there and that someday he will be proven to be correct, he knows this is certain.

I loved driving through South Park, which is where the TV cartoon is based. A quirky place!

We saw cowboys and hippies. We saw a lady hitchhiker with dreadlocks get picked up and rode along in the bed of a pickup. We saw a man on a bicycle miles from anywhere.

It was an amazing trip, but we may have did a little too much. Jaclyn has already revoked my vacation planning privileges for 2017 and mandated that next year we will be relaxing on a beach.



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