Had an action packed weekend. Traveled back to Philadelphia to visit family and friends, the kids spent Saturday night with the Fellmans (reportedly had an epic day at a swimming pool complete with several races including freestyle, freestyle plus inflatable fish shaped pool float, and race while mounted on fish shaped pool float). Without the kids, Jac and I snuck into Philadelphia to meet up with some of my friends and their wives. We ate lunch with cocktails, then lounged at the pool where my friend did a monster cannonball and doused about a dozen people who were relaxing poolside (the agitation on the faces was priceless, but concerning). After catching up in and around the pool, we ventured over to the Mutter Museum.

The Mutter Museum is a museum devoted to better understanding the human body and medical history. When you boil it all down though, it is the world’s best collection of human oddities. We started out looking at all kinds of skulls and various physical abnormalities, I was doing fine, but then we moved into the basement and found the most macabre collection I’ve ever seen. It was essentially a whole room filled with dead babies in glass jars that were deformed in some shape or form. I’ve passed out once before after giving blood and I know the signs and symptoms, well, I was experiencing those same sensations and figured I needed to stabilize myself immediately. I removed myself from the room, found a benign exhibit on the human brain, took several long and deep breaths and gradually regained my composure. After that, I just did a couple laps to feign like I was still interested in the museum and then chilled out in the gift shop until everyone was ready to leave. The above image is one of the exhibits you could see at the museum.

We had a wonderful evening in Philadelphia with a really nice dinner and stopped at a couple of bars. Fortunately, I didn’t have Mutter dreams when I went to bed that night.

I recently read a couple books by James Michener and in his autobiography, he mentioned that he became pretty good doing tarot card readings and he would actually do readings for a small fee at fairs in Doylestown to raise money for local charities. I bought a used book all about tarot card readings and am halfway through it now, I hope to be fully proficient by Thanksgiving (my deck of cards were in the mailbox when we got back from Philly yesterday). I also read a book called Fallingwater Rising, which was essentially an autobiography of the Fallingwater house in western Pennsylvania.

We are interviewing a couple folks to potentially help me out this week, fingers crossed we hire someone soon!

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