Bike Ride

I hopped on my bike Sunday and headed up the Montour Trail. It is like the tow path near the Delaware River, it is paved in some places and stays fairly flat. I had heard rumors that the trail takes you all the way into Pittsburgh, about 20 miles away, I made that my goal.

After about 10 miles, I was in Bethel Park and the trail abruptly ended. I searched my phone for guidance and it recommended that I get off the trail and take a road for a little while. I rode my bike on the road, consulting my cell phone, trying to figure out how to get back on the trail. After a couple of miles, I realized that I was not getting back on a trail, it was roads from now on.

I ended up going up some serious hills, a couple of the hills were so steep that I was out of breath just walking my bike up the hill! Riding down those hills was exhilarating as I felt like I was hitting speeds close to 40 mph.

I eventually made it to East Carson Street, then rode through Downtown, passed the stadiums, and made it to The Strip. I parked my bike at a rum distillery and began texting Jaclyn begging her to pick me up in the city as I did not want to ride back home. My legs were a little tired, but my butt was in serious pain. I need bike shorts or a different seat, something needs to change.

Jaclyn and the kids agreed to come get me on the condition that I treat them to Mexican food.


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