Steve Jobs and Uncle Ben

Having a bit of a tough time falling into a routine lately. Routine is crucial for me, it allows me to sleep better, eat better, exercise more regularly, and just genuinely enjoy life on a more consistent basis.

It has also been difficult to write lately as the topic that has most consumed my mind is something I’m forbidden from writing about. Sorry for the disruption to the blog, but life will go on and I will find my routine again.

With all that crap out of the way, I am pleased to report that I am now officially married to the woman of my dreams for 10 years! Yesterday was our 10 year anniversary and we have plans to celebrate with a big family dinner tonight (my parents, Jaclyn’s parents, my sister and her family). Tomorrow, I am going to take Jaclyn to a very romantic getaway to………..

Wait for it….


OK, I know, that is not what you were expecting. In fact, there were about 76 places ahead of Baltimore on the list of places I wanted to take Jaclyn for our anniversary, but they are all completely booked for weddings. I guess the end of September is a good time to get married – it was for us! With that being said, we booked dinner at a restaurant that my friend highly recommended and we’re staying at a cool hotel near the Inner Harbor. We’ll probably drift around Fell’s Point and Federal Hill, but I have found in the 10 years with her, we make any place a perfect place to be. Watch out Paris, Baltimore is coming after your top spot on the list of romantic locations.

Today, I am sitting at University of Penn for a follow up appointment, should be pretty easy. I think this will be the last time I come here, my future appointments should be in the hands of my capable family practice doctor.

Last weekend we did reconnaissance for a float trip down the Youghiogheny River, we are now all set and hope to set sail next weekend (canoes/kayaks). While we were exploring, I was holding Benny via leash and he dragged me into the river because I was wearing flip flops with limited traction and he just loves water. My legs went completely under the water and I had an iPhone in my pocket, it got soaked. I turned it off, dried it off, and let it sit in my car for a couple hours to dry off. When I turned it on, the speaker and microphone did not work, which made phone calls impossible. Later that night, I stuck it in a bag of rice, sealed the bag, and went to sleep. I woke up the next day, removed the bag from the rice and it worked again perfectly!

Thank you Steve Jobs & Uncle Ben, you guys are great!

One thought on “Steve Jobs and Uncle Ben

  1. I collect those little sachet’s of silica gel that come in all sorts of consumer products – you know the ones that say “do not eat,” even though they don’t look the slightest bit tempting. I have multiple ziplock bags full of them. If something electronic gets wet, I dry it off with a paper towel, and pop it in a baggie of silica gel. The stuff is designed to suck up moisture.

    Hope you get your groove back soon!



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