An Amazing Anniversary and a little detritus


img_0594Had to travel to Chicago, view from my room. I have to hand it to The Donald, that is a nice  building in a nice location.  img_0591I am a huge fan of Wilco’s Yankee Foxtrot Hotel album, these buildings made me think of the song, Jesus, etc.

img_0590Jac and I celebrated our 10th anniversary in Baltimore and stumbled across Canton upon a recommendation, really lovely area with great shopping and restaurants (pic below is in Canton too), I found a Belgium Beer Hall that was wonderful. img_0589img_0588img_0586Jaclyn in the water taxi, traveling from Fells Point to Inner Harbor.img_0585The anniversary couple without the benefit of flash. My eyes kept drifting to what I presume to be a small striped bass chasing minnows along the pier.img_0584I am so darn lucky. She met me while I was a bad student, working in a fish market, and totally absorbed in wacky music from every corner of the world. SO darn lucky to have her. img_0582img_0578For our 10 year anniversary, we stopped by Font Hill to remember our wedding. I snuck in several kisses.img_0577img_0570

When I rode my bike to Pittsburgh, I managed to stop by a couple distilleries. img_0569

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