Left Coast


Before we get started, I need you to put your swimming cap on, pinch your nose and dive into my memory by reading the above post.


Okay, fast forward to present and I’m back in San Francisco for a work conference.

I woke up early today, grabbed a cab and headed to Muir’s Woods about 15 miles outside the city. I have never seen a redwood, at least a live one standing upright. Muir’s Woods featured a whole forest full of giant redwoods and a trail that cut through them on a beautiful boardwalk. My plan was to Uber a ride home after hiking through the forest, the only problem was that there was no cell phone service so I needed to negotiate with the cabby to wait for me as I jogged through the forest and examined the trees. The cab driver was patient and appreciative and even agreed to take me to the airport the following day. It was an enchanting experience, I saw trees that were 4 times as big as any tree I have ever seen, but they ultimately are just enormous trees, an amazing sight, but I definitely prefer serenity instead of wonder.

I returned from the forest and got back to work. After finishing up my responsibilities over the next 8 hours, I decided to check out three record shops on Haight Street. Unfortunately, I did not find anything that I needed, but enjoyed walked down the insanely steep streets and worked up a sweat despite the chilly winds. I recalled the experience referenced in the above post and wondered if the place remained the same.


Eventually, I found my way back to the Trophy Room, the bar detailed in the post above, hoping my friend would still be there. However, I was informed that it was under new management. The patrons and bartender still regarded me as suspicious and not belonging in the place. The music was enjoyable and I had a Blind Pig beer, left a couple bucks on the bar and headed home (Self portrait below at Murio’s – can you see me?)


I order up an Uber and it was peak time so they do a car pooling thing where the Uber driver picked up several other passengers. I’m not terribly old, but I grew up in a time where you weren’t supposed to meet people from the internet and never get in a car with strangers, Uber’s entire business model is based on getting a stranger from the internet to pick you up in the car. Anyways, it was good enough, I ended up in the car with a bunch of Falun Gong enthusiasts who handed me a pamphlet and told me that I need to get involved (“It is similar to yoga, but so much more positive energy!”). I have thought it over and feel like it is pretty safe to say that I will not be practicing Falun Gong in the near future, but I am glad my Uber passengers enjoyed it.



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