New Year – 2017

Happy New Year everyone!

We finished the year with a pretty exciting party at the Deem residence, the whole neighborhood came over and we had a wonderful time counting down and watching the ball drop!

There was a little bit of unanticipated excitement early in the evening. We locked Benny, our big black Labrador retriever upstairs in the spare bedroom until most guests had arrived, otherwise he would go crazy with excitement each time a new person would walk in the door. Well, about 15 minutes into the party, Jaclyn noticed something dripping through the kitchen ceiling onto the food she was making for the party (meatballs, mini hot dogs, cheese, etc.). She may have said something like this:

“I do not even want to know what is causing this to happen, but Robert, liquid is dripping from the ceiling onto my kitchen!”

Understanding the principles of gravity, I headed upstairs directly above the kitchen and found Benny standing in an enormous puddle of his own urine. It traveled down a couple of steps, found a crack sufficiently porous to drain through the ceiling and it dripped out a little hole in the kitchen ceiling with a recessed light bulb onto the stove.

Jaclyn threw away about 5 lbs of food, cleaned the entire kitchen, and made a new batch of everything and the rest of the party went by without a hitch. We initially intended for Benny and Rosie to be in the kennel that night, but they were closed on New Year’s Day and I felt like it was too much to have him out of the house for 2 nights for a single party. I miscalculated.

A couple New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Blog more consistently
  2. Camp more often
    1. Would like to try to canoe down Allegheny River and camp on various islands
    2. Would like to try bicycling down the Great Allegheny Passage and staying at a hotel or two
  3. Winston just got a GoPro for his birthday, would like to make sure he continue has enough experiences to make good videos throughout the year
  4. Get Jaclyn to Canada (that is where she wants to go on vacation at some point)

I do have a premonition that this year will result in a professional inflection point for me, I am still uncertain what will happen, but I feel confident that I’ve worked hard enough for the turning point to be a positive one.


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