A Snapshot of 2017 So Far

A resting passenger on our way back to my parents for Christmas.


We went to Cleveland last weekend, I stopped at the Great Lakes Brewing Company (which is very, very good and receives the highest endorsement from me), here’s a creative use of a tap handle on the bathroom door.img_0717

A stretch of the public market in Cleveland, could have enjoyed the atmosphere all afternoon.


Of course we hit up the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, I loved it and the kids enjoyed it too!img_0712img_0705

Happened to have a lovely view of Las Vegas from my room the other weekend.

I think we can all get behind Dalia’s BioPoem!


My place setting at Mel’s Diner in San Francisco, a good way to start the day.


We had unseasonably warm January weather in Cleveland (61 degrees), resulting in long lines to Mitchell’s Ice Cream…it was well worth the wait. You can also look into the factory and see how the ice cream is made/packaged. It was a nice little stop.


Went hiking last Sunday. The Slippery Rock Creek is swollen with rain.

Nearly stepped on a Garter Snake, it was motionless on the trail. I picked it up and he started to move around. I set him on a fallen tree and found him there about an hour on my way back. I moved him again in a more discreet hiding place. It must not be fun to be a snake in the winter.

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