Big Island Hawaii

I am in Hawaii for work. When I am not working, I run as fast as possible to the car and find adventure. First stop, Volcano. This was worth the trip alone, I am a Hawaii believer and would encourage anyone to see it. It is worth the price of admission. The first three pictures are from an observatory near the top rim, they don’t let you get closer to that very active crater because of the poisonous gasses and perhaps possibility that lava would shoot out.


The Volcanoes National Park has other volcanoes and volcano related hikes, I found one that briefly took me through a rain forest and then into a lava tube. I first came across this bird:

Here’s the lava tube:

An image taken inside the tube:


Then I found a little trail near my parking spot that just went steeply downhill, I decided to investigate. I was going back and forth on rapidly descending switchbacks through a tropical rain forest, it was gorgeous and I was picking up speed and adrenaline. I saw this sign, which made me pump the breaks a little:


Eventually, I emerged at the floor and this was my view:


It was a somewhat dormant volcanic crater, I decided to press forward:


Since there are no trees to mark with paint, a small sign advised to follow stacked rocks to stay on safe ground and away from the steam vents emitting toxic gas. It was still surprising easy to get close to the harmful gas, the wind was blowing it away from me, so I took a quick video below.

Here’s an image of the volcanic rock.


A selfie to prove I was there:


Amazing place, can’t wait to see more.

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