Time Difference

Last night, I slept from 6PM Hawaii time (11PM EST) until 5AM Hawaii time (10AM EST). It was the longest I’ve slept in years, I have not adjusted to the time change and not sure if I will within the week I’m here. With that being said, work picked up yesterday and I couldn’t do as many adventures, but did sneak a couple activities into the day.

It was windy yesterday, like the kind of windy that would rip a kite off the strings. I wanted to hit up a beach and try snorkeling, but the waves were pretty angry, so I thought better of it. I drove across a long lava field that may have violated several provisions of my rental car agreement:


Finally arriving to a secluded beach with tons of interesting tide pools. By the way, what is up with these Hawaiian names, couldn’t they have called this beach Ka’Elehulu, it seems a little over the top to call it Ka’Elehuluhulu, they should have gone the extra mile and called it Ka’Elehuluhuluhuluhulu


I touched a snake last week, but I wasn’t going to touch these things


Here’s a rock with tons of those purple things


I’ve seen these shells in beach towns, but never came across a live one.

People use the volcanic rock to send messages, here was one of my favorites:


I also drove up to an enormous waterfall, but couldn’t find a way to get much closer. It is on the very right of the shot, falling down the cliff into the ocean.



One thought on “Time Difference

  1. breath taking, and your tide pool video makes me think of days past exploring jersey shore tide pools (only on a much grander, beautiful scale b/c NJ is nothing in comparison to HI). Maybe those purple things are like Jelly Fish on pacific ocean steriods?


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