Always Finding Paradise

I came across two breweries in the Big Island of Hawaii, one was more commercial, pictured above. It was absolutely wonderful and you will hear no complaints from me, but I found another in what I think is a local hangout in a non-touristy area of the Big Island called, Waimea. The name of the microbrewery was called the Big Island Brewhaus:

Image result for big island brewhaus

I sat next to two locals, one claiming to have gone to high school with Barack Obama. The food and beer was so good, I dragged several work colleagues there 2 days later and they all raved about it too. I someday look to go back here again!

On my last day, the front page of the newspaper said that a ridiculous amount of lava was flowing into the ocean and they had a picture of it that was credited to a local boat tour. I called the boat tour and had the opportunity to see it myself. See the videos above and below. The captain dipped a bucket into the water and the water was extremely hot to the touch, I think he said it was 170 degrees.

I left Hawaii on Friday afternoon and returned to Pittsburgh on Saturday afternoon. Managed to sneak in a little sleep on a red eye and get home in time for Dalia’s gymnastics competition at the Pittsburgh convention center. We’ve gone to the convention center for a variety of things, it was cool to be going there to see a daughter do something incredible!


A couple weeks ago, I blogged about Valerie June’s song called Astral Plane and how I was listening to it on repeat. On Saturday night, had the opportunity to see her in a small venue called the Carnegie Lecture Hall. Great concert and happy to enjoy it will Jaclyn and a couple great friends.


One thought on “Always Finding Paradise

  1. I do believe they filmed the final scene of Flash Dance at the back of Music Hall, closer to the bridge.
    PS- check that website adults use for job networking and other such jazz.
    PPS- I can only imagine the local microbreweries in HI are pretty spectacular in comparison to here.


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