Planting Seeds

Last weekend we went back to the Kinzua Bridge and hiked all through the valley. Since we last visited, they have built a beautiful educational center and we learned a whole lot about the bridge it made for an even richer experience. Most of the fellow visitors were local and they were pretty amazed that I drove my family 3 hours to see it (again), but it is definitely worth it as it makes one heck of an impression.

On trips through Philadelphia, my father would sometimes point out people living under bridges, it was a remarkable site, especially growing up in a lovely suburb. It did plant the seed in your mind, how did they end up there? It also planted seeds of sympathy and sadness, cold nights around a burning barrel, nothing to make your sleep more comfortable than a couple pieces of cardboard.

I wonder if I’m taking my kids to all these natural disaster sites in Pennsylvania to plant similar seeds, “This is why you must do things the right way.” You don’t want to be responsible for the next bridge to fall over, the next Johnston flood, or Austin dam break that destroyed the town of Austin. Maybe Pennsylvania is just disproportionately known for shoddy workmanship. We are close to where the Homestead Strike occurred and Carnegie and Frick decided to break the strike by sending the armed militia of Pinkerton’s army where over a dozen people died on both sides trying to establish fair pay for a hard day’s labor. The site now features a movie theater and a Dave & Busters, so it has been quite difficult for me to get the kids to focus on the historical significance.

I am very much looking forward to an upcoming concert on April 21st in Philadelphia, Hot 8 Brass Band at Milkboy. I’ve been way too busy and that concert is my northern star of respite.


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