Scared by Coke

Forgot to mention something ridiculous that happened in Atlanta. There was a big formal event one night at the World of Coca Cola. Coca Cola got its start in Atlanta and this place is like a giant Coca Cola museum and store, similar to Hershey World in Pennsylvania.

The big reception was taking place in the lobby, but all the museum exhibits were still open at least they did not appear to be blocked off. While everyone else was enjoying wine and cocktails, mingling with hors d’oeuvres, I decided to explore the museum.

Since the museum was closed to the public and everyone else was in the lobby mingling, I was the only person walking through the museum. The exhibits were nice, I learned a lot about Coke’s origins, but nothing really pulled at me until I got to a giant safe.

Image result for world of coca cola safe

I am in this giant room and the only other thing in this room is this enormous shiny safe. From what I understand, the safe contains the original recipe for Coke.

To be completely honest, I could care less about the coke recipe, but I was fascinated about the biometric hand scanning method of entry for the safe. I have never seen a hand scanner like this before, so I wanted to take a closer look. I walked up to the metal rail, leaned my head over it, and put my face about 6 inches away from the hand scanner and then “BOOOONNNKKKK, BOOOOONNNNKKKKK!!!!” alarm noise came blasting through the loudspeaker, it scared the flipping pee out of me. I jumped back and looked around and then a voice came through the loud speaker and said, “Sir, back away from the safe and please proceed through the double doors to the right and rejoin the reception.” The voice was calm and courteous, but I was super embarrassed! I walked through the doors and tried my best to integrate myself into the civilized conversation like nothing had happened. The whole time I was thinking, there is some person in security who must be laughing hysterically seeing a grown man jump back 3 feet from the safe, I would have loved to have seen the footage.

This weekend, I needed to chill out. I visited several record stores hunting for Otis Redding records, but none were available, it was relaxing nonetheless.

Something My Wife Didn’t Say Last Night…But Was Probably Thinking

I secretly hope he goes for it tonight, tonight is the night he finally goes all the way and tries the hottest wing variety on the menu. I want to see that so bad, but get so nervous thinking about the repercussions, so much could go wrong.

Honey, you do not need to choose this path, there are less spicy varieties. The menu’s warning surely must make you reconsider:

InsanityTry these at your own risk

Oh my goodness, he just ordered them, he is going for it tonight!!!

Darling, it has been one remarkable journey watching you working to improve your hot sauce tolerance. Heck, I remember when a couple splashes of Tabasco made you tear up like a little baby and now look at you, you are eating those Insanity Chicken Wings like it was your garden variety BBQ wing at Applebees. How did I get so lucky to marry such a warrior?

Holy crap, your beer is empty and you’re going to continue eating those wings without something to wash them down, are you out of your mind? There’s no way you can handle this, oh good lord, he’s not stopping. You don’t have to do this, you don’t have to prove anything to me, but watching this act of valor is quite exciting, I even find it a little sexy. Wow, he just ate two of those spicy wings without any beer and not a single complaint, dayummm, he is manly man.

Those wings are finished, face and hands have been wet napped, I wish I could call for an encore, just watch him eat a couple more of those wings, but the babysitter has to be home by 10:30. What an evening, what a man, I am the luckiest lady on the planet.



The giant windmills, unfortunately, the sound was not well captured.

Way off the trail, barreling through snow covered rhododendrons, I bet this trail is gorgeous when they are in bloom.


The drive to Quebec Run.


I have organized a March Madness competition at work. I did not want to deal with collecting money or having human resources get nervous about a crazy gambling ring, so I bought a 5lb Hershey bar as the grand prize. It contains 60 servings of chocolate at 190 calories a serving – 11,400 calories. A crunchy soft taco supreme at Taco Bell also contains 190 calories, so eating this would be like eating 60 hard tacos at Taco Bell! My desk also has several star wars figurines and a picture of my family holding a bullfrog.


A pleasant sunrise on my way to Atlanta.


Speaking of Atlanta, I visited the whale sharks at aquarium, magnificent!

Stayed at the Marriott Marquis which has an impressive interior, if I recall correctly, that is 72 floors of balconies.



Getting “There”

I am going to regret saying this, but I feel like things are finally starting to settle down! The craziness all began last August when my job/company began to receive lots of undesirable attention. Responding to that required a lot of time and energy. In addition to that, the company went through layoffs and voluntary packages that were attractive to many people. Through workplace attrition and perhaps hard work, I continue to assume more responsibilities. Now, I am managing 3 brands with a small team and it has been chaotic to get the foundation in place and set them on a positive course. The start of this year has also featured too much travel. I have already secured gold status for next year on American Airlines and whatever perks you get with airline status, the burdens of time spent at airports/airplanes far outweigh them.

Since work has been taking a lot of time and energy, I have been trying to make sure my family time exceeds expectations. This year, we’ve snuck out on a couple trips to Cleveland and the Kinzua Bridge, plus a couple high quality cheerleading competitions. Winston and I are now quite fond of the BBC program called Cosmos with Neal deGrasse Tyson.

Last Saturday, I needed to take a hike. It was freezing, literally, it was about 11 degrees in the Allegheny Mountains where we went. I went to a new spot (for me) called Quebec Run in the Forbes Forest. I tried to just take Benny as he can hike without a leash and he easily tolerates cold weather, in fact, it is not uncommon for him to take a swim on days when snow is all around. As Benny and I went towards the door, Rosie (our tiny dachshund) rushed by us and bolted out the door. I think Rosie thought we were heading to Dunkin Donuts where they always give her a munchkin donut and the three of us split a bacon, egg, and cheese wake up wrap. Rosie was in for a big surprise when we arrived at Quebec Run and the snow was deeper than her little legs could stand in. She had to trail us Benny and I, walking in our footsteps. We ended up getting very lost as the trails were hard to find in the deep untouched snow, plus the tree markings were very dull and a couple miles in, we all knew we were way off any sort of trail. At this time, Rosie decided that she could no longer hike, I picked her up and she had marble sized ice cubes around each of her toes. I picked her up and stuck her inside my jacket and tried to find my way back to the car. I remembered that we parked our car right across from a giant wind turbine. The wind turbine looks very peaceful from far away, but if you get very close to one, it sounds like an airplane taking off over and over again. We started walking uphill until we could get to a spot to see or hear a wind turbine. Eventually, I saw one on the horizon and headed towards it.

At this point, we were all cold and my arms were quite tired from lugging Rosie around in my jacket. We all enthusiastically marched towards the wind turbine, each step giving us greater optimism. Eventually, we got to there, looked all around and saw no car. As I searched for my car, it now became apparent that there were dozens of wind turbines across the horizon and they were all about a half mile apart.

I walked up to another wind turbine and still didn’t see my car. I decided to cheat and pull out my phone. It had about 2% battery, but that was enough for Waze to let me know where my car was parked. It was a long hike, longer than I expected, but it felt really wonderful to get in the car and feel that heat fire up.

We are getting there, I have left at a reasonable time the past couple days and am now posting a blog again. Let’s hope is keeps manageable for a bit!