The giant windmills, unfortunately, the sound was not well captured.

Way off the trail, barreling through snow covered rhododendrons, I bet this trail is gorgeous when they are in bloom.


The drive to Quebec Run.


I have organized a March Madness competition at work. I did not want to deal with collecting money or having human resources get nervous about a crazy gambling ring, so I bought a 5lb Hershey bar as the grand prize. It contains 60 servings of chocolate at 190 calories a serving – 11,400 calories. A crunchy soft taco supreme at Taco Bell also contains 190 calories, so eating this would be like eating 60 hard tacos at Taco Bell! My desk also has several star wars figurines and a picture of my family holding a bullfrog.


A pleasant sunrise on my way to Atlanta.


Speaking of Atlanta, I visited the whale sharks at aquarium, magnificent!

Stayed at the Marriott Marquis which has an impressive interior, if I recall correctly, that is 72 floors of balconies.



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