Something My Wife Didn’t Say Last Night…But Was Probably Thinking

I secretly hope he goes for it tonight, tonight is the night he finally goes all the way and tries the hottest wing variety on the menu. I want to see that so bad, but get so nervous thinking about the repercussions, so much could go wrong.

Honey, you do not need to choose this path, there are less spicy varieties. The menu’s warning surely must make you reconsider:

InsanityTry these at your own risk

Oh my goodness, he just ordered them, he is going for it tonight!!!

Darling, it has been one remarkable journey watching you working to improve your hot sauce tolerance. Heck, I remember when a couple splashes of Tabasco made you tear up like a little baby and now look at you, you are eating those Insanity Chicken Wings like it was your garden variety BBQ wing at Applebees. How did I get so lucky to marry such a warrior?

Holy crap, your beer is empty and you’re going to continue eating those wings without something to wash them down, are you out of your mind? There’s no way you can handle this, oh good lord, he’s not stopping. You don’t have to do this, you don’t have to prove anything to me, but watching this act of valor is quite exciting, I even find it a little sexy. Wow, he just ate two of those spicy wings without any beer and not a single complaint, dayummm, he is manly man.

Those wings are finished, face and hands have been wet napped, I wish I could call for an encore, just watch him eat a couple more of those wings, but the babysitter has to be home by 10:30. What an evening, what a man, I am the luckiest lady on the planet.


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