IMG_0878Savannah was a charming city, but didn’t see, taste, or hear anything that required for me to go back. Maybe I missed something. The sign below was from a restaurant in Savannah that I did not go inside, but I love this big neon signs.  IMG_0881

We saw Dan TDM with Winston and Dalia over Easter weekend. It wasn’t my cup of tea, but I loved hearing how excited the kids were, the audience of kids between 5-12 were absolutely insane for this show.

IMG_0893I recently had my 1 year check up at the University of Penn (post kidney donation). I got a hotel the night before so I did not need to drive into Philly and fight traffic right before my appointment. The room had a giant bathtub, I took this photo from the bathtub. The appointment went very well, all is good in the hood.IMG_0899

The day after my kidney appointment was record store day. I found a store in Philadelphia and waited in line for the store to open. I got Thelonious Monk, Bruce Springsteen, and Luna. IMG_0913

My man cave is shaping up nicely. I have been hanging on to all my hotel key cards since 2009 and have put them over an old table and applied varnish over it. A lot of good memories when I look at those cards. Try to find Yoda in the picture below.


Winston asked if I wanted a brownie, this is what he gave me when I said “yes”. IMG_0918

My parents gave me an awesome growler that looks like a miniature keg. I got it filled with Jailbreak from Spoonwood Brewing Company. It is an Irish dark beer that was very smooth.IMG_0919

The Hot 8 Brass Band, my recording. Saw these guys in Philly on the same day as my kidney appointment.

Here is a much more polished video, what a group and what a concert, everybody was sweaty by the end!

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