I know you are tired of hearing it, but work has been busy lately. So when an opportunity came along to go to an offsite meeting in Pittsburgh, I enthusiastically volunteered to get some time out of the office. Unfortunately, my scheme backfired and I ended up being there from 8AM to 9PM. After a long day in a hotel ballroom, I got in my car and headed home. I tuned my radio to the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game and the game was very one-sided by the time I turned it on.

It is hard to explain, but I love listening to baseball broadcasters in games that are out of hand. You hear their attention drifting over to the clumsy mascot spilling popcorn into an unsuspecting fan, the prank involving a blown up bubble gum bubble being placed onto a fellow ball player’ s hat in the dugout, one of the most glorious events is when the losing team has used up all of their pitchers and has to rely on a non-pitcher to finish the game. Jose Canseco famously injured himself as a late inning blowout relief pitcher.

The game I was listening to featured a pitcher coming into the game in the seventh inning and his team was down by 8 runs. You could tell that there were very few fans left in the stadium as you could hear only like 4 or 5 people talking in the stands versus the normal chatter of thousands of spectators. The pitcher retired the first couple of batters, but then proceeded to throw 8 or 9 consecutive balls. Many of the pitches were so far off the plate the catcher couldn’t even catch it and the ball rolled all the way to the backstop. When the pitcher finally threw a strike, the 4 or 5 fans went berserk and obnoxiously celebrated the simple feat.

I am sure millions of people would switch places with that major league pitcher, but I am sure he wouldn’t have minded being someone else that night.

On a separate note, I said to Winston: great news, it is May! You know that April showers bring May flowers, it will be great to see those flowers!

Winston said: sure dad, but what do May flowers bring?

me: Dunno?!

Winston: pilgrims.


One thought on “Baseball

  1. He did not make that May Flowers joke!! Stop it!!!! Tell the truth!

    Ever notice the disgusting birth mark that Jose Canseco has on his hand? Grosses me out. Plus, he blinks his eyes a lot while he talks. Reminds me of Ryan Kopalo.


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